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Publié le février 4th, 2013 | par Zach Fuller

The Ups and Downs of Lucky scooter Devin Super Tramp video

Recently Lucky scooters teamed up with Devin Super Tramp to make their new team video. Of course they had more than enough coverage of Dakota(all glide cam shots with a dslr) but that’s actually not what I »m here to talk about.

The subject of this post is what this video is leading to in the scooter world. The video has gained a lot of attention. It was recognized by red bull and clips where shown on ESPN. This is a pretty big deal since it is the first time it »s happened. But is this a good or bad thing…?

The Ups: Scootering is now getting more recognition, which can lead towards progression in the sport.
The Downs: Do you really want scootering to be introduced to the rest of the unknowing world as kids in pads doing « flippy-do-dats » in a park just to get the clip or as raw street riders throwing themselves off the gnarliest gaps and handrails to make a name for themselves?

Everyone holds their own opinion, and you should stick wit it, but If you want scootering to continue and have a positive outcome, it needs to be presented in a more radical way.

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