Publié le mai 25th, 2019 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

TDI Part 2: Development and Benefits this episode of the PROTO Whiteboard Series, Andrew Broussard revisits his Patented Invention, the Tunglok Deck Integration System, otherwise known as « TDI » by PROTO. Part 1 was originally released in 2010 (Link Below) discussing the origins of the design. Over the past decade PROTO TDI research, design and PROTOtyping, has undergone many changes and improvements. 

With the newest public release of the PROTO TDIth (THreaded) Hardware it became clear that further explanation and elaboration on the past 9 years of devlopment were in order. This episode is here to provide insight into our product development and our overall trajectory for the future of scooter design.

TDI Part 1 – —OR—

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