Publié le octobre 18th, 2018 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

PROTO Euro Vacation the second installment of the PROTO Vacation Series, hot off the heels of a week long filming mission for Dissidence Coalition in Barcelona, Spain, the boys take a two week trip filming and visiting shops throughout Europe. In search of good times and good spots their journey takes them through Alicante-Spain, Lyon-France, Brussels-Belgium, Copenhagen & Aarhus-Denmark, & Berlin-Germany.

Sincerest thanks go to all of our valued and most legit Dealers and hosts for your hospitality and guidance abroad. Thank you for your support making this memorable experience possible. Much love!

Parrish Isaacs @parr.ish
Jake Sorensen @sorensenjake
Matt McKeen @mcspleen
Andrew Broussard – @andrewbroussard
David Coe @davidlcoe

Edited by : Matt McKeen
Filmed by : Parrish Isaacs, David Coe, Matt McKeen, Andrew Broussard, Jake Sorensen

молчат дома – тишина
Lil Ugly Mane – Uneven Compromise
Death in June – The Calling (Mk II)

Made possible by:
Centrano Distribution – @centranodistribution
Slideline (Alicante, Spain) – @slideinline
CDK (Lyon, France) – @cdk_scooter_shop
Authentique (Lyon, France) – @authentiquescootershop
ScootWorld (Copenhagen, Denmark) – @scootworldhellerup
SkatePro (Copenhagen, Denmark) – @skatepro & @skatepro.scoot
Mills (Copenhagen, Denmark) – @mills_1981
Scooters United (Berlin, Germany) – @scootersunited

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Jeremy Lanfranchi

Photographe, Cameraman, Team manager, amoureux de voyages et d'aventures ! Le virtuel c'est bien mais le réel c'est mieux.

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