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Hooks & Eyes

Scooter industry see some talented people coming with really creative idea, here is the case of the young brand, Hooks & Eyes. Combining fun and quality, their unique design give a new air to the scooter clothing industry. Powered by the artistic director of Tilt Scooters, Conor Davidson, you will, finally  enjoy wear cool shirt when you go ride or cruise in da street.

Discover here three shirt part of his new collection, and one of this Tshirt is a collaboration with the funniest and raddest scooter blog, Lit scooters. Even if the Lit blog is not something you can take seriously, Conor, took it really seriously and made this design embroidered for the best render possible.
Well i guess you understood, lame Tshirts period is done, it’s time for you to get cool shirt and for this, only one website.

Shred those shirts, they will give you back !

Tshirt Hooks & Eyes CrestTshirt Hooks & Eyes Crest interiorTshirt Hooks & Eyes LitZoom pocket Tshirt Hooks & Eyes LitTshirt Hooks & Eyes Nice lives

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