Justin Damer from ‘Belly of the Beast’

Publié le juillet 3rd, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Justin’s part is the third to be released from the new video BELLY OF THE BEAST, filmed primarily in WASHINGTON DC as well as BALTIMORE, Maryland. If you like his part I let you imagine the [&hellip... Lire la suite


Melting S’Potes 2 – Full video

Publié le juin 28th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

French skateboarders filmed this pretty cool video, Melting S’Potes 2 , featuring a lot of their homies. They end up with a 45″ videos that allow you to discover a great spot diversity whether in France or or [&hellip... Lire la suite


LowCard Mag | City Cutts 1

Publié le juin 26th, 2013 | par 2B

« City Cutts 1 » is a killer video from San Francisco based magazine LowCard. The video was filmed in San Francisco & Oakland, California. The skaters featured have amazing style and a keen eye for location, in [&hellip... Lire la suite


Nike SB Chronicles vol. 2 – Teaser + Full Vol.1

Publié le juin 20th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Since Nike is now part of Skateboard brands they completely revolutionized the marketing approach and at the same time succeeded to be part of this movement.Spilleautomater kr?ver ikke nogen speciel viden om gambling, og alle kan spille med [&hellip... Lire la suite


SKATELINE Host Gary Rogers Goes to Rehab?!?

Publié le juin 19th, 2013 | par 2B

« Metro Skateshop » has been doing a series called « SKATELINE » for Google »s « we want to be cool with skateboarders » aka RIDE Channel. This week is SKATELINE »s one year anniversary with RIDE, also a killer episode. Gary Rogers [&hellip... Lire la suite



Mockyovelli – Face Value

Publié le juin 8th, 2013 | par 2B

Mockyovelli « the Street Terrorist » made this video in 6 filming days with a wild list of different spots. In my book thats riiii-diculous… Boardslide to come back nose manual, opened my eyes! If you have a [&hellip... Lire la suite


This is Eric Koston

Publié le juin 2nd, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Eric Koston is part of those skateboarders who has radically changed their time. Since he has turned pro in  1992, Eric has never stop being creative and innovators. But he also got this consistancy during contest [&hellip... Lire la suite


CCTV Surveillance Master Tape

Publié le mai 22nd, 2013 | par 2B

This is the end of a 3 video series by Nick vonWerssowetz. With an amazing cast of young & up incoming skaters this video has some of the most creative spots & lines you’ll see in any [&hellip... Lire la suite


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