Tilt Scooters Presents | Jordan Jasa

Publié le juin 21st, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Jordan Jasa is part of those UFO in the street riding, they love so much riding that they never stop filming clips. Everyday is a new adventure in Iowa, even during cold Winter you will see [&hellip... Lire la suite


Matt McKeen words in French Toast DVD part#8

Publié le juin 19th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Matt McKeen is at this time the man considered as a street legend in the scooter community. French Toast magazine went in Northern Virginia to ask him some questions about his story, what he plan in [&hellip... Lire la suite


Hunter Bechtle | Micro Europe Tour 2013

Publié le juin 18th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

A recent video of Hunter Bechtle has dropped on the internet, it’s been a while we haven’t seen some footage from him. I prefer to tell you that he is gonna kill your brain with this [&hellip... Lire la suite


Mothership Mixtape #1

Publié le juin 17th, 2013 | par 2B

Mothership Mixtape #1 This is the first installment of the ‘Mixtape’ series by Mothership Distribution. The video features riding by Jessee Ikedah, Brent Reid, Kingsley Okocha, Mike Montgomery, Jake O’Donnell, and Travis Minion. It’s a killer [&hellip... Lire la suite


Rumble in da Jungle Part 5

Publié le juin 17th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Rumble in da Jungle Part 5 Austrian riders never stop to produce new video. Armed with there VX camera those guys spend days filming only street riding and lifestyle. Don’t expect to see crazy weird scooter [&hellip... Lire la suite


Sunday Funday in Paris

Publié le juin 16th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

While the past Dissidence Street jam held in Paris a lot of street pro rider where here everyday out shredding our spots. Some of the biggest name were in Paris and spent their time filming. In [&hellip... Lire la suite


Pariisi seiklused by Madis Kukk and his crew

Publié le juin 1st, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

During the last Dissidence Street Jam v4 which was held in Paris, riders from all around the world came to shred Paris. For the occasion the legendary Madis Kukk, the owner of Wee Bar, who was [&hellip... Lire la suite


UrbanArtt | Blowout

Publié le mai 30th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

UrbanArtt | Blowout UrbanArtt is a new scooter brand who just hit the market with their products. Completely changing the scooter game with this street spirit, those guys shred hard and love street more than everything. [&hellip... Lire la suite


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