UrbanArtt | Blowout

Publié le mai 30th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

UrbanArtt | Blowout UrbanArtt is a new scooter brand who just hit the market with their products. Completely changing the scooter game with this street spirit, those guys shred hard and love street more than everything. [&hellip... Lire la suite


Hella Grip Homies at Epic Indoor Skatepark

Publié le avril 8th, 2013 | par Zach Fuller

New edit for Hella grip of the homies shredding the Epic Indoor skatepark during the competition. Filmed & edited by Zach Fuller a.k.a Sloth Films. VX Life. Competitions always have weird strict feeling to them so [&hellip... Lire la suite


Ethic DTC | Australian Trip

Publié le mars 13th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

After the successful release of their parts on the market, Ethic is gone for 2 weeks on an Australian trip. And here we can see that  this guys are not joking . Their decks designed by Kevin « Z² » Demay which [&hellip... Lire la suite


Addict | SO WHAT ?

Publié le mars 2nd, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

The Addict crew is one of the trashiest crew in the  all scooter community. After 3 years of patience their video finally came out and shit yeah , this is definitely the one of the best [&hellip... Lire la suite


Fasen Scooters | The Brendon Smith Video

Publié le février 23rd, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Brendon Smith who is the effigy of Fasen Scooter took a crazy level in a few times ! This video is definitely a must have seen video of the week. Hate it or love it, this dude is insanely [&hellip... Lire la suite


Tilt | New Website

Publié le février 18th, 2013 | par Zach Fuller

CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VISIT WEBSITE Tilt dropped their new website this past friday and I’m positive to say they did a good job with it. They have the full team line up, some new apparel [&hellip... Lire la suite


Tilt Team 2013

Publié le février 4th, 2013 | par root

Two new additions to the Tilt Team 2013, say what!? 2013 baby, we’re doin’ it live. TILT TEAM (in order of appearance): Erik Feenstra Otto Markjarvi Tyler Wheeland Jordan Jasa Lambert Judith Jon Archer Issac Miller [&hellip... Lire la suite


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     Le retour de la Brooklyn Banks Jam aprés 8 ans d'interruption suite à des travaux sur le spot depuis 2010. #scooyork est de retour dans le game !
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