Pariisi seiklused by Madis Kukk and his crew

Publié le juin 1st, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

During the last Dissidence Street Jam v4 which was held in Paris, riders from all around the world came to shred Paris. For the occasion the legendary Madis Kukk, the owner of Wee Bar, who was [&hellip... Lire la suite


UrbanArtt | Blowout

Publié le mai 30th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

UrbanArtt | Blowout UrbanArtt is a new scooter brand who just hit the market with their products. Completely changing the scooter game with this street spirit, those guys shred hard and love street more than everything. [&hellip... Lire la suite


Hella Grip Homies at Epic Indoor Skatepark

Publié le avril 8th, 2013 | par Zach Fuller

New edit for Hella grip of the homies shredding the Epic Indoor skatepark during the competition. Filmed & edited by Zach Fuller a.k.a Sloth Films. VX Life. Competitions always have weird strict feeling to them so [&hellip... Lire la suite


Ethic DTC | Australian Trip

Publié le mars 13th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

After the successful release of their parts on the market, Ethic is gone for 2 weeks on an Australian trip. And here we can see that  this guys are not joking . Their decks designed by Kevin « Z² » Demay which [&hellip... Lire la suite


Addict | SO WHAT ?

Publié le mars 2nd, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

The Addict crew is one of the trashiest crew in the  all scooter community. After 3 years of patience their video finally came out and shit yeah , this is definitely the one of the best [&hellip... Lire la suite


Fasen Scooters | The Brendon Smith Video

Publié le février 23rd, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Brendon Smith who is the effigy of Fasen Scooter took a crazy level in a few times ! This video is definitely a must have seen video of the week. Hate it or love it, this dude is insanely [&hellip... Lire la suite


Tilt | New Website

Publié le février 18th, 2013 | par Zach Fuller

CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VISIT WEBSITE Tilt dropped their new website this past friday and I’m positive to say they did a good job with it. They have the full team line up, some new apparel [&hellip... Lire la suite


Tilt Team 2013

Publié le février 4th, 2013 | par root

Two new additions to the Tilt Team 2013, say what!? 2013 baby, we’re doin’ it live. TILT TEAM (in order of appearance): Erik Feenstra Otto Markjarvi Tyler Wheeland Jordan Jasa Lambert Judith Jon Archer Issac Miller [&hellip... Lire la suite


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