Amateur Magazine #12

Publié le juin 17th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

Amateur Magazine is an independent, artist-driven print publication since 2008. With an open mind and true passion for art, illustration, design, DIY culture and streetwear, these guys based in Switzerland are reaching out to the world. [&hellip... Lire la suite


Chad Muska | Transitions

Publié le juin 1st, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

“Transitions” is the first solo show from professional skateboarder, designer, and artist, Chad Muska. “The show represents a lot to me,” Chad said. “It’s about the struggles I’ve been going through in life and what’s next [&hellip... Lire la suite


Daniel Arsham | Snarkitecture Practitioner

Publié le mars 5th, 2013 | par Zach Fuller

Snarkitecture – is a collaboarating practice operating in territories between the disciplines of art and architecture. The practice focuses on the investigation of structure, material and program and how these elements can be manipulated to serve [&hellip... Lire la suite


Crack and Shine | Death is Home: Horfe

Publié le février 4th, 2013 | par Jeremy Lanfranchi

For this first article talking about art I though that it was nothing better than talk about graffiti. Ditched.DK aiming to relay our street culture, this art is clearly part of our society. Here is a [&hellip... Lire la suite


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     That’s how France celebrates its victory at the @wrgbarcelona ! - -  @tonyoof - - @dissidencescootershop #Street #Scootering #DitchedDK #DDK #France
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